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YES Im home again. ugh the trip to Vermont wasn't as great as I expected. When we got there I looked out the car window and see trees CUT DOWN. omg. I was so sad, lots of trees were cut down and theres was lots of stumps and twigs everywhere, poor trees. its all the damn termites fault. grrrr. So, the first night was really sad. Then the next day, we got up and it was raining. ugggghhh! So we sit down and start making lunch. Anna's mom went shopping out of town with anna's sister and her friend so we were alone in the camper. So, anna goes to put the spagettio's in the microwave and she presses a button and all of a sudden we hear a big CRASH and the whole camper shook. Anna screamed and I froze in shock. The fucking canopy,(the thing that keeps some of our campsite dry), fell and trapped us inside. What happend was that Anna's mom was too lazy to put up the stick in the middle of it and the rain all went to the middle and it was too heavy so it just bent and fell. it didnt break though. So, here we are freaking out not knowing what to do, and anna says we should go get help. One problem though...the door was closed shut. So, we somehow get it open enough so we could kinda squeeze through. I made it fine but Anna got a scar on her foot from the door now. So, we get out of the trailer and we start to run in the pouring rain, down the REALLY muddy trail to Dick's campsite. He's he one who tried to tell annas mom to put up the stick in the middle, and he put the rest of it up. lol, She should have listened. We got Dick, and we started walking back right, and then we look behind us and anna's mom was driving into the camp place. She freaked out when she found out. and it's wasnt her trailer..it was her fathers. ooh and i dont think they had insurance...

After all that shit happened it got a little better. I had $10, and we were craving Pina Cooladas, so we rode our bikes all the way to the store. It cost exactly $10. I spent my money on drinks. god am I stupid or what. We rode back and we starting making them. Anna said it was too sugary so we put it back in the blender and all of a sudden she sees its leaking. So she picks up the thing and all the stuff came out of the bottom and leaked allllllll over. It was a huge mess. I wasted my money. grrr..
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