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on Friday I left CT to go to RI for a beach vacation. It was fun, and there was lots of hott guys there. lol. I went go carting, bumper boating, and mini-golfing. that was fun, but I didnt get to go rock climbing on the rock wall :(. lol oh well. The waves there were huuge, and really strong. I got in there and I turned around for a second and I get pushed by this huge wave and get sucked under water. lol after a couple of minutes i finally reach the top. ugh I was tumbling under water so much, cuz the waves were too big. I went with my boogie board thing out far so I can go OVER those huge waves, and it was working until this really really big wave came and swallowed me up, I was tooken with the wave. like I was pushed all the way to the shallow side, then SLAMMED down into the rocks/dirt when the wave curled and I slid until I could reach the top. when I DID reach the surface, I noticed that my top was up..lmao, but no one saw..I hope. I did that about...4 times? lol. that scarred me for life. damn waves.
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