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yesterday, i was sitting at my comp doing nothing, and my mom comes in and sits next to me. and shes like 'so..how much are those tickets for that concert again?' and i was like 'oh, you changed your mind? youre gonna let me go?!' and she said yea. so we checked how much ti was and the time and stuff and today we went to go see if 'strawberrys' had the tickets. and they didddd! yay. lol but i didnt get them yet. and i looked on the board thing and i saw that brand new was coming here too. i wanna go but i KNOW i cant. my uncle came with us, and he loves evanescence and so do i, and he bought it and he made a copy and gave me the cd so i finally have fallen cd! yay! lol. yea, when i was in the store i was like 'omg god you dont hate me!' but not loud enough for everyone to hear, yknow. lol. yea..thats about it for today. going to the movies tomorrow with anna, and craig to see 50 first dates. woo. lol
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