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argh, so much shit happened today..

In science, my seat is in the back and leaning against the wall, and Im really comfortable back there. so today, I go to sit down and there is this really bitchy girl named Rushell sitting in my seat, and well you cant get her to do anything she doesnt like without fighting. So, I ask her nicely.."Can you please get out of my seat?" and she just looks at which d=this dirty look and says "no. I like it here, you can sit there." and pointed to the seat next to it. I wanted my seat so I was like "no thanks, can i just have my seat?" and she repeated what she said before and i was starting to get mad. i said "PLEASE GET OUT OF MY SEAT. NOW." and shes like "no! im going to fucking punch you you motherfucking white bitch" and I got so pissed off at her so I said "go ahead. TRY TO PUNCH ME." and she got all close to me and looked into my eyes and she just got her books and stuff while mumbling "motherfucker. stupid white goth wants a stupid seat and cant even sit in the seat next to it. bitch." and I was just like 'just shut up ok." and she just rolled her eyes. then a few minuted later she looked down at my shoes and shes like "omg ew what kind of shoes are you wearing." and im like 'shoes that are way better than baseball cleats.' because thats what she waswearing. and shes like 'yea well at least they dont look weak." uh god I hate her.

Today is like "sheryl get in fights" day. I faught with rushell, with a friend, and taylors sister. oh and my brother.whats up with that?

I decided to make an essay for my mom. To persuade her into letting me go to the Mest concert on March 6th. I hope she'll let me. my fave band, the tickets are 12 bucks, and its finally here in CT. I really want to go, but she decides to punish me THIS way. right when its something great. grrrr..
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