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Today, my foot fell asleep, and i wanted to walk to the bathroom cuz obviously i had to go. well my foot didnt tingle, it tickeld. everytime i took a step it tickled soo bad..lmao. then my foot like twisted and i fell on the floor laughing and everytime my foot touched something i laughed even more..my brother thought i was crazy.

School was okay, in SS there was a review. and Mr.B asked my group why England was the most popular thing or w.e and I was like "because it has alot of people..most of the population is there in England." and they were all like 'NOO!! STUPID!" and they said something else and got it wrong. and he said the right answer and everyone started laughing because I actually knew the right answer, and i usually dont pay attention. lol. In gym we have to do this fucking anonying routine for gymnastics and i HATE it. Its cheerleading and i HATE cheerleading. grr and if we don't do it we fail..I cant do flips and splits and nice shit like those fucking showoffs! its like they expect every girl to be an expert at that stuff. geez.

hm..I SHOULD be finishing my Consumer Ec project. but ah who cares, ill get it done.

I got my report card today. bleh.
SS - C+ (GOOD for me. i had D-s all year last year.)
Math - B (GREAT)
Science - D (who the fuck cares. i hate that class.)
Reading - B (from a D, i think its pretty good.)
L.A - C+ (ljhdsljhIHATEHERkjlfdljf
Band - B (howd I get a B?! Im great in his class!)
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