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I got a new puppy today! her name is Jeanie and shes a lil scotty doggy. shes soo cuuuute =). I didnt even know I was getting a dog.. Ok. so its like 6 AM and Im REALLY tired and my eyes were all blurry, so I try to open my door and when i finally get it open I hear nails scratching agaisnt the floor. (Jeanie running over to me.) So, My eyes are all blurry and I see this gray thing running towards me and im like 'AHH A RACOON GOT IN THE HOUSE. DADD!!' Then, I rubbed my eyes and noticed that it was a DOG sitting in front of me looking up at me. I drop my brush,sweater and money and started petting it. i was like 'awwwww!!! How'd YOU get here?!' So I wake up my mom and she started teling me about it. She has like a whole wardrobe. A little vest, a sweater, a shirt, some goggles...=). yes. i wuv my lil jeanie.

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