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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2004|03:04 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Yellowcard - Believe]

YES Im home again. ugh the trip to Vermont wasn't as great as I expected. When we got there I looked out the car window and see trees CUT DOWN. omg. I was so sad, lots of trees were cut down and theres was lots of stumps and twigs everywhere, poor trees. its all the damn termites fault. grrrr. So, the first night was really sad. Then the next day, we got up and it was raining. ugggghhh! So we sit down and start making lunch. Anna's mom went shopping out of town with anna's sister and her friend so we were alone in the camper. So, anna goes to put the spagettio's in the microwave and she presses a button and all of a sudden we hear a big CRASH and the whole camper shook. Anna screamed and I froze in shock. The fucking canopy,(the thing that keeps some of our campsite dry), fell and trapped us inside. What happend was that Anna's mom was too lazy to put up the stick in the middle of it and the rain all went to the middle and it was too heavy so it just bent and fell. it didnt break though. So, here we are freaking out not knowing what to do, and anna says we should go get help. One problem though...the door was closed shut. So, we somehow get it open enough so we could kinda squeeze through. I made it fine but Anna got a scar on her foot from the door now. So, we get out of the trailer and we start to run in the pouring rain, down the REALLY muddy trail to Dick's campsite. He's he one who tried to tell annas mom to put up the stick in the middle, and he put the rest of it up. lol, She should have listened. We got Dick, and we started walking back right, and then we look behind us and anna's mom was driving into the camp place. She freaked out when she found out. and it's wasnt her trailer..it was her fathers. ooh and i dont think they had insurance...

After all that shit happened it got a little better. I had $10, and we were craving Pina Cooladas, so we rode our bikes all the way to the store. It cost exactly $10. I spent my money on drinks. god am I stupid or what. We rode back and we starting making them. Anna said it was too sugary so we put it back in the blender and all of a sudden she sees its leaking. So she picks up the thing and all the stuff came out of the bottom and leaked allllllll over. It was a huge mess. I wasted my money. grrr..
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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2004|02:49 pm]
[mood |hothot]
[music |Away From Here - Hey Angel.]

tomorrow Im going to Vermont! I'm going to be staying there until sunday. woo this is going to be fun, I love going to Vermont. Camping is so much fun. The only bad thing is that we have to showeer in icky public showers with bugs. uck I hate bugs.

Soccer season is starting, and I may not be playing this season. They dont even allow earrings during games/practices, and now I have my eyebrow pierced. So I think Im just going to wait until next soccer season because hell no am I taking out my barbell. Even if they do let me on the team, it might be ripped out during a game. ouch.

Ill update when I get back from Vermont.
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2004|04:15 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Say Days Ago - The Used]

on Friday I left CT to go to RI for a beach vacation. It was fun, and there was lots of hott guys there. lol. I went go carting, bumper boating, and mini-golfing. that was fun, but I didnt get to go rock climbing on the rock wall :(. lol oh well. The waves there were huuge, and really strong. I got in there and I turned around for a second and I get pushed by this huge wave and get sucked under water. lol after a couple of minutes i finally reach the top. ugh I was tumbling under water so much, cuz the waves were too big. I went with my boogie board thing out far so I can go OVER those huge waves, and it was working until this really really big wave came and swallowed me up, I was tooken with the wave. like I was pushed all the way to the shallow side, then SLAMMED down into the rocks/dirt when the wave curled and I slid until I could reach the top. when I DID reach the surface, I noticed that my top was up..lmao, but no one saw..I hope. I did that about...4 times? lol. that scarred me for life. damn waves.
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2004|11:26 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Futurama]


woo.  yeah. lol, I went to Montreal, Canada for about 4 days. And it was so boring, except the part I went to a Jazz Festival and I got a piercing. At the festival it was raining hard and i was soaked, and had no umbrella. So, I saw that the guy next to me had one so I just stood next to him and he started talking to me. lol, he was actually speaking in ENGLISH. In Montreal EVERYTHING was FRENCH. grrr it got so annoying. the computer, the street signs, the stores, everything. But when I got pierced the guy thankfully talked english. He was really nice. He spoke like 4 languages. English, French, Portegees(dunno how to spell..), Spanish. He was talking to me in english and eventually drifted off to french. lol. I got pierced at this place called "Superock", it was a really nice place. this guy was getting tattooed, and he was getting it done right at the window where everyone could see. I was behind a curtain. lol. The clamp hurt more than the actual piercing, It felt like he was twisting my eyebrow, and then he finally took it off and said "okay you're all done!" and I was like 'WHAT? uh.. no you caant be done.. i didnt even feel the needle." and he told me to look in the mirror and..surprise. lol.

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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2004|08:31 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Grenade Jumper - Fall Out Boy]

daamn I haven't written in here in a while. I'm lazy.

I don't have much to update about. Well, Im on summer vacation! yay. Im going to Montreal on July 3rd. and Virginia a couple weeks after. And Im also going to Vermont. but this whole first week has been BORING.

Oh yeah, I got sick today. Sinus Infection..ugh. I woke up and couldnt talk OR breathe. And I kept coughing up shit. yuck. yeah..I have to take 2 different kinds of pills and some nose spray thing and hopefully Ill be okay by Sunday. Sunday Im going to East Haven for fireworks and stuff on the beach....well, hopefully. I still didnt get a exact "YES" about it, but Im pretty sure Im going. Well.. thats about it..yup...
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woah. [Apr. 25th, 2004|01:10 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Rx Bandits - Infection]

holy shit i haven't updated this. hah, i forgot about it. lol.

yesterday I had a soccer game, and we lost. grr..whenever we have a game that counts for the leage we get all nervous and loose. but we win all the friendly games. damn. Well, i got hurt only twice. (YES!!). lol, one was when i went to push the girl away from the bsll and when i pushed against her she pushed back REALLY hard and i slammed into the ground and got all twisted up and stepped on my hand with my cleat. OW. it really hurts when you get stepped on with a cleat. my hand was all muddy and swollen, but i still played. then the second time i went to take the ball away from this girl and we banged into each other..lmao. are legs tied up and her arm slapped my face and my arm hit her stomach. haha. i heard her go 'BITCH!!!!' lol, YEA WELL DONT BANG INTO ME IF YOU EXPECT TO BE OKAY. hahahaha...

welll, last night i went to the movies with alex. I went in the theater and looked around and i thought i saw him, but hell no was i gonna just go introduce myself. what if it wasnt him? well, i walked over to the change machine thing and got 4 quaters to call my mom at the end. then i sat down at one of the games, and i got up and saw the skittles machine. i really wanted some candy, so i went and got myself some. then when i went to put one in my mouth, someone taps my shoulder. so i turn around and alex is like '..do I know you from somewhere?' lol. so I responded "uh..i hope so. heh.' soo we entered the movie. we saw '13 going on 30' , and it was a great movie. I was a little shy so when the movie ended i stayed away from him. i felt kinda bad, but yea he seemed okay sitting down eating something. i dunno what it was, i just looked back only once. OH, when we were looking for seats i saw Penny, Lauren, and her sister. I was like 'SHIT! now theyre gonna ask if hes my Bf and stuff..arghh.' I was hoping penny wouldnt see me..well she did. I sat pretty far away from her, but i guess it wasnt far enough. she looked back and said. 'SHERYL! HI!' and i tried to ignore her, but then shes like 'sheryl...SHERYLLLL..psst...is that your brother..?' and i told her it was my friend. then she didnt say anything else. thank god. during the movie, my butt was like numb from sitting. lmao, i kept having to move cuz it was annoying me. and I didnt wanna get up for the bathroom cuz i wanted to watch the movie and i didnt want to leave alex alone. aw man and i had a runny nose during the movie, so i kept having to rub it on my sweater. yuck. but when i got home i put it in the wash so, i do not have a sweater coverd in boogers. lol. yeah..thats about it.

ill update more tomorrow.
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2004|08:14 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Poetic Tragedy - the used]

yesterday, i was sitting at my comp doing nothing, and my mom comes in and sits next to me. and shes like 'so..how much are those tickets for that concert again?' and i was like 'oh, you changed your mind? youre gonna let me go?!' and she said yea. so we checked how much ti was and the time and stuff and today we went to go see if 'strawberrys' had the tickets. and they didddd! yay. lol but i didnt get them yet. and i looked on the board thing and i saw that brand new was coming here too. i wanna go but i KNOW i cant. my uncle came with us, and he loves evanescence and so do i, and he bought it and he made a copy and gave me the cd so i finally have fallen cd! yay! lol. yea, when i was in the store i was like 'omg god you dont hate me!' but not loud enough for everyone to hear, yknow. lol. yea..thats about it for today. going to the movies tomorrow with anna, and craig to see 50 first dates. woo. lol
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2004|07:20 pm]
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |On My Own - The Used]

argh, so much shit happened today..

In science, my seat is in the back and leaning against the wall, and Im really comfortable back there. so today, I go to sit down and there is this really bitchy girl named Rushell sitting in my seat, and well you cant get her to do anything she doesnt like without fighting. So, I ask her nicely.."Can you please get out of my seat?" and she just looks at which d=this dirty look and says "no. I like it here, you can sit there." and pointed to the seat next to it. I wanted my seat so I was like "no thanks, can i just have my seat?" and she repeated what she said before and i was starting to get mad. i said "PLEASE GET OUT OF MY SEAT. NOW." and shes like "no! im going to fucking punch you you motherfucking white bitch" and I got so pissed off at her so I said "go ahead. TRY TO PUNCH ME." and she got all close to me and looked into my eyes and she just got her books and stuff while mumbling "motherfucker. stupid white goth wants a stupid seat and cant even sit in the seat next to it. bitch." and I was just like 'just shut up ok." and she just rolled her eyes. then a few minuted later she looked down at my shoes and shes like "omg ew what kind of shoes are you wearing." and im like 'shoes that are way better than baseball cleats.' because thats what she waswearing. and shes like 'yea well at least they dont look weak." uh god I hate her.

Today is like "sheryl get in fights" day. I faught with rushell, with a friend, and taylors sister. oh and my brother.whats up with that?

I decided to make an essay for my mom. To persuade her into letting me go to the Mest concert on March 6th. I hope she'll let me. my fave band, the tickets are 12 bucks, and its finally here in CT. I really want to go, but she decides to punish me THIS way. right when its something great. grrrr..
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2004|05:01 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Anthem part II - Blink 182]

Today, my foot fell asleep, and i wanted to walk to the bathroom cuz obviously i had to go. well my foot didnt tingle, it tickeld. everytime i took a step it tickled soo bad..lmao. then my foot like twisted and i fell on the floor laughing and everytime my foot touched something i laughed even more..my brother thought i was crazy.

School was okay, in SS there was a review. and Mr.B asked my group why England was the most popular thing or w.e and I was like "because it has alot of people..most of the population is there in England." and they were all like 'NOO!! STUPID!" and they said something else and got it wrong. and he said the right answer and everyone started laughing because I actually knew the right answer, and i usually dont pay attention. lol. In gym we have to do this fucking anonying routine for gymnastics and i HATE it. Its cheerleading and i HATE cheerleading. grr and if we don't do it we fail..I cant do flips and splits and nice shit like those fucking showoffs! its like they expect every girl to be an expert at that stuff. geez.

hm..I SHOULD be finishing my Consumer Ec project. but ah who cares, ill get it done.

I got my report card today. bleh.
SS - C+ (GOOD for me. i had D-s all year last year.)
Math - B (GREAT)
Science - D (who the fuck cares. i hate that class.)
Reading - B (from a D, i think its pretty good.)
L.A - C+ (ljhdsljhIHATEHERkjlfdljf
Band - B (howd I get a B?! Im great in his class!)
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2004|03:57 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Mest - Yesterday]

I got a new puppy today! her name is Jeanie and shes a lil scotty doggy. shes soo cuuuute =). I didnt even know I was getting a dog.. Ok. so its like 6 AM and Im REALLY tired and my eyes were all blurry, so I try to open my door and when i finally get it open I hear nails scratching agaisnt the floor. (Jeanie running over to me.) So, My eyes are all blurry and I see this gray thing running towards me and im like 'AHH A RACOON GOT IN THE HOUSE. DADD!!' Then, I rubbed my eyes and noticed that it was a DOG sitting in front of me looking up at me. I drop my brush,sweater and money and started petting it. i was like 'awwwww!!! How'd YOU get here?!' So I wake up my mom and she started teling me about it. She has like a whole wardrobe. A little vest, a sweater, a shirt, some goggles...=). yes. i wuv my lil jeanie.

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